Are Iron Maiden Satan Worshippers?666!

When Iron Maiden released their third studio album in March 1982

“The Number of the Beast”

The album brought fame & controversy, it topped the charts all over the world and made Maiden a household name.This was the first album to feature Bruce Dickinson on vocals replacing Paul Di’anno.This is the first of the classic Maiden albums.

666 The Number of the Beast Controversy

This song created controversy all over because it had the number “666”

The song is inspired by both a nightmare band leader and bassist Steve Harris had after watching the movie Damien: Omen II, and the storyline of the poem Tam o’ Shanter. “The Number of The Beast” is one of Iron Maiden’s greatest hits, and is almost always performed during concert. It reached 18 in the UK charts. The track is known for its very long, high-pitched and guttural scream by Bruce Dickinson at the end of the intro.

song intro:

Woe to you, oh Earth and Sea,
for the Devil sends the beast with wrath,
because he knows the time is short…

– Revelations 12:12
Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast
for it is a human number, its number is Six hundred and sixty six.

– Revelations 13:18

The band had asked the famous horror films actor Vincent Price to read the intro text but he demanded lots of money and got someone who read ghost stories on the radio station to do it for a lesser price.

The song, being the title number for the 1982 album was a prominent target of critics during a time when Maiden were accused of being a Satanic group. Much of the controversy is believed to have originated due to the prominence of the number 666 in the song’s repeating chorus.

Maiden took a swing at their critics in the follow-up album Piece of Mind which features a backmasked message in the beginning of the song Still Life which, when played backwards translates as a very drunk Nicko McBrain doing an impression of Idi Amin Dada (stating “What ho said the t’ing with the three “bonce”, do not meddle with things you don’t understand”), followed by a belch.

Before being Iron Maiden’s drummer, McBrain was the Devil on the Number of the Beast videoclip. When the music video was first shown on MTV, Eddie’s appearance at the end was edited out after complaints from frightened viewers.

Satanism was a popular thing in the 80’s ,There were supposed to be weird happenings during the recording of the album.The light went off and on by themselves,weird noises were heard.It is also rumored that Martin Birch the bands producer met with a bike accident and injured a priest..and the hospital bill turned out to be 666 pounds hahahaah!

This album however is one of the best Maiden albums and remains one of the most influential metal albums of all time.

It feels ridiculous about the satanists label now but during the 80’s this was a huge thing and people were very much into these things and it created a huge stir back then.


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23 Responses to “Are Iron Maiden Satan Worshippers?666!”

  1. dude ! Buckets are real cool you ever wonder if we were all bubkets how cool would iron maiden still be. They would cooler than asian chicks and Carvel ice cream put together!

  2. Please read this and take notice of what I have to say, I have been around for a while listening to different Rock Bands and listening to their songs and their lyrics all my life. I am a Christian and people are very miss led indeed who think Ion Madien band is not Satanic and Rock bands just like them. Use your own common sense, wake up and listen to what they are singing, just listen to their songs they speak for themselves. Any band involving Lyrics from the Devil is Satanic and that’s a fact, there is no getting away with it. These bands like Ion Madien are not going to admit any involvement with Satan, in fact they deny any involvement indeed They will even tell you they are Christians, and deny any involvement, how gobble do they think we are. Just like Ozzy Ozbone of Black Sabbath he also involves Satan in his songs very openly just like Ion Madien yet denies when intervened of being Satanic at all, Well Ozzy you’re not fooling us at all. For those who don’t know what the Bible says about Satan, it states that Satan knows his time is short and it’s getting very close to Revelations and he knows it. Satan has blinded the eyes of unbelievers and uses these Rock Bands to do his dirty work they are influenced by him, and these Rock bands know very well they are, but they will not admit it. If they were not satanic they would not sing songs about the devil would you? Open your eyes and listen to their Lyrics, it’s a true saying, the devil looks after his own, and he certainly doing that, Stick 67.

    • Stick i find your views uninteresting to say the least.

    • You are an illiterate fool.

    • AGREE’d !! Everybody dont think so when really there only fooling themselves :\ hah. I believe iron maiden had a lil satanic thing going on.. I mean number of the beast, im coming for your souls? Yeah well he already has there souls. And there too dumb to realize! Thinking this band is the greatest.. Pff. God is the greatest of all!

  3. Stick, they’re just song lyrics. Just because someone sings about a particular theme doesn’t mean it’s something they believe in. How exactly are these rock bands are doing the ‘work of satan’? You are clearly very naive. You should put down your bible and get out and experience the world.

    • Jim you seem to have a valid point.You are spot on

      • “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist.” Stick isn’t naive and Jim makes a horrible point. Why don’t metal bands sing about rainbows and pink unicorns? Because they would be called sissies. Would you ever sing a song about that? No, because you don’t want people to associate you with that; you don’t want them to think you’re a pink unicorn lover. You are what you sing. Maybe you should be picking up a Bible and flip through some pages instead of telling other people to put theirs down.

        Tell me something, Jim. Did you actually read it, or are you basing your ideas on assumptions and Jesus clichés you picked up from the Simpsons?

        Don’t worry though, you can still call unto Christ. He’ll save you.

  4. You know something? When you compare Iron Maiden’s lyrics to someone like Marylin Manson’s or Lamb of God’s? You sound like a fool. Because for one thing, Maiden’s stuff is full of religious references. That’s references to God and the Devil and so on. Angels and Demons. Both sides of the coin. And I’m using those two aforementioned bands as examples for this reason: Marlyin Manson song title? Arma-G**-D***-Mother-F******-Geddon. And then, Lamb Of God’s lyrics are filled with GD’s and all kinds of swearing and anti-religious and anti-God stuff. So quit being ridiculous, Stick. Iron Maiden is very mild compared to what else is out there. You’re comparing mischief to murder and it makes you sound dumb. Do some research, try actually LISTENING to the songs and the lyrics. And use a spell checker, I mean, wow!

  5. Iron ulf 92 made the best point and most of you are being stupid and naive They do play both sides on some places it will say they’re Christian others satanic but it’s obvious that they are only agnostic they play 2. Sides one of their songs is Sign of the Cross and the other is this one think about it dammit if they were Christian they probably wouldn’t sing this but if they were satanic they wouldn’t sing those others and one of there songs even says “gather all your prayers and speed down the airway soundings of shooting and guns sending flak” so think about that

  6. Hey men, you know very well that maidens are not satanic and they just provoked controversy in order to gain popularity.

    • Hello i don”t think Maiden tried a gimmick or used the satanic theme to get popular.That song was about a dream that Mr Steve Harris had..and he wrote the lyrics to it. things suddenly went down the hill..and got the band into several problems..But the band and the album was a huge hit and Iron Maiden was one of the most popular bands post 1982.Not mainly because of this song..but remember songs? like Hallowed be thy name,The prisoner, Children of the damned,22 acacia avenue..HBTN is one of the greatest songs ever.

  7. My opinion is that Iron Maiden is a band that tell stories, personal experience and even narrate their dreams in the form of song…
    That doesnt make them satanic!

    after all it is our own free will to think what we think about Iron Maiden..

    Besides Iron Maiden is considered the most successful metal band of all times and also the best STORY TELLERS!!

  8. leave iron maiden mates alone! they are a bunch of really
    great artist and it sucks for you that you have no better
    time to sit there and dump on a bunch of hard working men
    just trying to make a buck and entertaining people.
    you should get off your ass horse and pursue Hollywood!
    I would imagine that is too much of a large catch hey?
    go fuck yourself! – Charlotte the harlot .

  9. and if anything YOU are the fucking devil worshiper !
    stop pointing fingers motherfucker , you are a nobody and you
    really should stick large pieces of furniture up your ass,
    maybe then you will be happy in your miserable life.
    – Charlotte the Harlot .

  10. My fav iron maiden song,but unfortunately it has the most links 2 satan :/ i m very unsure if they r satanic or not,this might b telling ppl that satan exists & would b back or it could mean hes carrying out satan’s work :/ i m confused

  11. Since this piece seemed to pick up a few of the faithful, I’d love to know. Let’s say the entire Iron Maiden crew are practicing satanists, whatever that means. Even Nicko McBrain; he’s running around saying he’s a born-again Christian, pretending to evangelize while secretly dressing up in women’s clothes and licking a goat’s butt or something.

    Yes, let’s say Lucifer put together the most musically gifted and commercially successful metal band in the world, to use for his nefarious purposes.

    What, um… What exactly are his nefarious purposes? Obviously it’s got to do with the lyrical content. I get that. But, what? As I listen to the lyrics, a demon slowly sneaks in, climbs into the cockpit and takes over?

    How long do these demons take? I’m 37 and I’ve been listening to Maiden on and off for 21 years. I’m a better parent than my Christian parents before me. I drive at the speed limit and pay my taxes. I’m teaching my sons not to kill spiders “because they have their own little lives”.

    Seriously, if the devil you’re worried about can’t get his shit together in 21 years, you need to find a new nemesis. Could I interest you in the child-molesting Catholic church? The doctor-killing Baptist church? Find out what those motherfuckers have been listening to and get to work on that shit, yo.

  12. Iron Maiden Rocks !!! They do not worship the devil, but speak of the evil things men do. Also speak truth about the world. They are very creative artists. If you are offended then please do not label the band or criticize these talented individuals. Maybe you need to examine your own life and hatred for things. “judge not lest you be judged”-Bible- John 8:7

  13. Iron Maiden was my favorite metal band as a teenager. I had the “Number” album and my oldest sister had their first album. My other sister took my cassette tape to my mom who is a christian. My mom listened to it and saw that it was history and said it was okay to listen to. I always loved them musically they were leaps and bounds above the rest.


  14. Far from it. They are all typical British Christians who were born and raised in the faith. Most of their songs actually teach good moral values. Not to say that they don’t have songs about evil things, but usually the evil is confronted and overcome. If you were a fan and had listened to them for a good 30 years like I have you would know.

    The older and more mature they have become the more they sing songs that instill christian values and warn about living life in a bad way. Songs about corruption and politics, war and death may frequent some of their songs in one form or another often to teach us lessons or remind us of atrocities that history has often chosen to ignore. Sometimes it isn’t nice to hear these things and see how sometimes we or even religion itself can be corrupted and lose its way. We need to be reminded of these things lest we forget and bet caught up in a downward spiral unaware.

    Some songs might be subtle for those that don’t listen and analyse the songs. Like “Chains of Mysery” about your conscience. To the “Thin Line between love and hate”

    Below is the song, no images just lyrics so don’t be afraid.

  15. Whether you believe in god or not. It is a fact that evil does exist so singing evil lyrics does not exactly make you want to sing “oh what a beautiful morning” .
    I think the question “are these bands satanic” is irrelevant.
    The main question is what is the listener feeling by chanting the Rothschild’s favourite number 666?
    I don’t listen to metal anymore because the constant suggestion of demons.

    A typical metal Album example
    Blood Broth bone soup – by Derry and the demons.
    How does listening to that affect your emotions?
    “Oh I feel great today hearing how Derry and demons suck the blood out of live bats”?

    Its not just metal I don’t listen to pink Floyd either.
    Watching Bob Geldof in a bath full of tomatoes sauce (blood) or collecting chicken bones does not appeal to me at all.
    What is the point ?
    Well the truth be known most people are depressed or frustrated in their life.
    “I am not worthy” symptoms.
    So they become attracted to bands like Derry and Demons.
    Cheering on millionaires (rock stars) who are Not depressed or frustrated
    with their lives is something I am not going to be part of.
    In any case all these people are paid too much to be court jesters.
    Paying the millionaire rock star for your daily dose of depression.
    While he is going shopping for his private island.

  16. beauty

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