0peth!The Legendary Swedish Band

Opeth is a Swedish heavy metal band that formed in 1990 in Stockholm. While the band has been through several personnel changes, singer, guitarist, and songwriter Mikael Åkerfeldt has remained Opeth’s driving force since joining shortly after its inception.

While firmly rooted in Scandinavian death metal, Opeth incorporates progressive metal, progressive rock, folk, blues and jazz into their usually lengthy songs. Many compositions include acoustic guitars and strong dynamic shifts, as well as growling and clean vocals. The band occasionaly played live to support the first four albums, though later conducted its first world tour after the release of 2001’s Blackwater Park.

The name of this song is The Drapery Falls

This one is Black water park

Opeth has released eight studio albums, two live albums, one box set, and a DVD. The band released its debut album Orchid in 1995,after a year of delays, but did not experience commercial success until the 2003 release Damnation, which debuted at number 192 on the Billboard 200. The band’s ninth studio album, Watershed, is due for release on June 3, 2008.

{excerpts from Wikipedia }

Opeth doesn’t really mean anything its taken from a Wilbur Smith book, It is a lost city in the book. It was said that Opeth was the city of the moon.

Opeth are one of the best progressive bands in metal today with lots of depth in their music, Opeth reminds me of the legendary Pink Floyd.When listening to Opeth its hard to describe the moods you go through.The music has various ups and downs and tempo changes, their songs never sound the same you get a feeling of Dejavu.It gives the listener a great feeling hard to express,gives you joy and excitement can put you in a trance its also dark and gloomy depending on your tastes, there are also emotional ups and downs in the songs,most of the songs are lengthy and you need patience to appreciate real talented musicians.Opeth are the masters of their trade make no mistake about it.They aren’t commercial and lots of people don’t know about opeth.

They are true musicians in this perennial world and its not bubble gum pop the lyrics make a lot of sense gotta dig deep to understand.The guitar work is exemplary and the solos will blow you away,drumming is excellent too!

For more info on opeth check the official site above and to know everything on opeth click on the links that are provided above.I didn’t wanna go deep into everything just wanted to provide an insight on opeth because i like them.If you are looking for Opeth merchandise you can find it here.


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