The Green Clay of Wimbledon

An aticle written by D.K Wilson for National Sports

Congratulations to Wimbledon. I hope the tournament officials of the All-English Club are happy. Sunday they got a nearly five hour tennis match that, for the television viewer who began watching at eight a.m. promptly, took up their entire morning and most of their afternoon.

It was sad, though, that International Tennis Hall of Famer Bud Collins was not on hand throughout the day with his naturally funky-dressing self to lend some deft historical precedence for what we witnessed (though he did say it was the greatest match he has ever seen). But then again, today Bud is much more a master of hyperbole and tennis ambassador than the acerbic voice and conscience of the sports he once was as a tennis writer.

And though there might never be another writer like Collins, it is already time for the Roger Federer-Rafael Nadal Wimbledon final to be put into some perspective.

Finally, in 2008, Wimbledon has successfully turned its two week-long tennis major into a glorified French Open. You see, for the first time in grass court history the now green clay just outside of London yielded a player who played an entire tournament 12 feet behind the baseline and was able to became the Wimbledon Men’s Singles Champion.

Interesting article AELTC are you reading!read the rest of the article written by D.K Wilson here on National Sports Review

oops look at the pic it was dark out there and its blurry too does it look like the hallowed lawns of Wimbledon!

Photo courtesy:Getty Images


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