Federer on the decline!

Roger Federer is having a torrid time this year he hasn’t won a grandslam has only 2 low profile titles [Estoril and halle] this year, his winning grass court streak of 65 matches spanning six years also came to an end in an epic 5 set classic match which will be remembered as one of the greatest tennis matches to be ever played.

The media is relishing upon the opportunity to write The mighty Fed off!they are having a ball!TMF is having to deal with stupid questions from the media all the time and they never had this opportunity for the last five years.They are even asking him retirement questions comparing his career with the hysterical Bjorn Borg.Formers Tennis greats John Mcenroe Boris Becker and Borg are now talking about the end of TMF and like always with their stupid predictions about the winner before a slam and the prediction changes in the second week of a slam.

Not so long ago Mcenroe, Becker and Borg openly praised Federer in the media and on air calling him the GOAT now they are writing him off.. These three guys have lost it completely they sound like they wanna be in the limelight.

In the words of Johny mac himself these 3 cant be serious you guys sound like two faced hypocrites.Becker has gone a step ahead in declaring Rafael Nadal the New no 1 with no disrespect to Nadal who is a great player himself and a warrior.

Its a shame that Nadal isn’t No 1 he won French and Wimbledon back to back and that’s a great achievement,but the calender is counted on the basis of a 365 day calender and for 4 years Federer has been numero uno week after week year after year running over the same old ground!

what did Federer find?we all know the answer>>12GS

Nadal is within striking distance and has a shot at the rankings this week at cincy masters we are in for an interesting fortnight in the Tennis world!

I Personally think lots of top lever pro tennis players would love to have the “bad” year  that Roger is having

  • He has won 2 titles
  • Has made it to the finals of 4 tournaments, 2 grand slams,1Sf
  • he’s has made $3014091 this year so far
  • Played this way when he had mono and was still recovering
  • Still has the number 1 rankings that’s largely due to 4 years of domination

Roger has had a couple of hiccups that shows that he is human but for him a couple of hiccups is two Grand slam finals in a row-James Blake

Player information used from ATP

Photo courtesy:Getty Images


~ by da|v|ned on July 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Federer on the decline!”

  1. […] an epic Wimbledon final for the ages and a change at the top of the men’s rankings after a historic run of dominance, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are eager to test their rivalry at the biggest tennis championship, […]

  2. Roger federer on decline?!ha!he’s da gr8st tennis player in da hstry..he’s a legend!he’s an icon!he’s a stud!whoevr has put this ques is a PHAKUS!

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