The Iron Maiden Plane “Ed Force One”

Most of us are familiar with “Air Force one“. Well lets now talk about “Ed Force One” The official Iron Maiden plane which features band mascot “Eddie” on the tail wing it has been used for the Iron Maiden “Somewhere Back In Time” world tour.

Maiden plane spotting has become ravishingly cool you can check out the photographs below it looks spectacular and its piloted by none other than the “Air Raid Siren” Bruce Dickinson the lead singer of the band.The “Ed Force One” has been dubbed as “Possibly the coolest plane ever” .The plane carries 60 Maiden crew members.Iron Maiden are the first metal band to use a single aeroplane to take them, their crew and equipment on tour.

Images used from Google check out more pics here “ED FORCE ONE”


~ by da|v|ned on October 13, 2008.

5 Responses to “The Iron Maiden Plane “Ed Force One””

  1. Thank you, Iron Maiden, for all the music you guys have made. It’s definitely part of my life!

  2. You are absolutely correct..

  3. Aces high, indeed!

  4. The trooper is crazy. I love it like hell

  5. Yes one of the best Maiden songs ever.!!

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