Exploring Children of Bodom

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If you are a Children of Bodom fan you need to know these things

Q: What is ‘Bodom’?

A: Contrary to popular belief, Bodom isn’t actually a lake, but a region. The ‘real’ name for Lake Bodom (‘Bodominjärvi’ in Finnish) would actually be Lake of Bodom. The name of the band refers to victims of a brutal murder that took place at the lake in the sixties. You can read more about the murders here.

Q: What is the Hate Crew?

A: The Hate Crew is basically the 5 Children Of Bodom members + some of the members of their crew, like the producer Anssi Kippo, tour manager Fleisch, their friends.. The Children Of Bodom Hate Crew has always been the “gang” side of the whole band. The public get to know about the “Hate Crew” only when the Hate Crew Deathroll album came out, but the truth is that the term has been around for a longer while. You can read “COBHC” already in the Hatebreeder booklet and the text “Children Of Bodom Hate Crew” appeared in the Hate Crew T-Shirt which came out in 2001.

Q: Which cover songs Children Of Bodom have recorded / played live so far?

A: Mass Hypnosis (Sepultura cover / Beneath The Remains album) 1998
-Released on the Sepultural Feast – A Tribute to Sepultura album and also on the Japanese version of Something Wild.

Hellion (W.A.S.P. cover / W.A.S.P album) 1999 *
-The band played this one live already in 1998. It was originally recorded during the Hatebreeder session, but was re-recorded in 2000 during the Hate Me! session since the band wasn’t happy with the first recording. Released on the Hate Me! single and some editions of Follow The Reaper.

No Commands (Stone cover / Stone album) 1999
-Released on the Downfall single, the Japanese version of Hatebreeder and the Tokyo Warhearts 12″ LP’s. Stone was a popular Finnish metal band and it’s Roope Latvala’s ex-band.

Don’t Stop At The Top (Scorpions cover / Savage Amusement album) 2000
-Released on the Scorpions tribute album, the Deluxe Edition of Something Wild and the Finnish version of Follow The Reaper. Actually the song was going to appear on the Hate Me! single together with the King Diamond cover, but this idea was soon abandoned.

Shot In The Dark (Ozzy Osbourne cover / The Ultimate Sin album) 2000 *
-Released on the Japanese edition of Follow The Reaper and it was the only cover song which was recorded in the Abyss studio. Was played live in Europe 1999 and in Japan 2001.

Silent Scream (Slayer cover / South Of Heaven album) 2001
-Recorded already in 2001 with the Iron Maiden cover. It was planned for a Slayer tribute that never came out. Was released for the first time on the Deluxe Edition of Something Wild. Also appears on some editions of Hate Crew Deathroll.

Aces High (Iron Maiden cover / Powerslave album) 2001
-Recorded for the Iron Maiden tribute, wasn’t featured on any COB releases but only on some compilations.

Somebody Put Something In My Drink (Ramones cover / Animal Boy album) 2002 *
-Played live only on the Dynamo festival in 2002 and in Finland in 2003. Released with the You’re Better Off Dead! single.

Latomeri (Klamydia cover / Los Celibatos album) 2003
-Klamydia is a Finnish punk band. Vesku Jokinen (their singer) invited Alexander to play guitar on the Klamydia EP Seokset but Alexander insisted to get an opportunity to record a song with the whole band. Was recorded in a very short time, almost with one take only.

Rebel Yell (Billy Idol cover / Rebel Yell album) 2003
-Recorded in Janne’s own Beyond Abilities studio, released on “BESTBREEDER from 1997 to 2000” Japanese Best Of album and later on various releases. Clean vocals.

Bed Of Nails (Alice Cooper cover / Trash album) 2004
-After the first Alice Cooper cover song (The Man Behind The Mask) which the band recorded in 2002 during the Hate Crew Deathroll studio sessions wasn’t good enough for the band, they decided to cover another song by the shock rocker. The version of Bed Of Nails pleased the whole band. Was released on the Trashed, Lost & Strungout EP and the Hellhounds On My Trail EP.

She Is Beautiful (Andrew W.K. cover / I Get Wet album) 2004
-Recorded in spring 2004 for the Trashed, Lost & Strungout EP with the Alice Cooper song. Alexi first had to convince some of the other members to cover this song. Alexi already played that song live with Andrew W. K. on the USA tour in spring 2004. Andrew is a huge fan of COB’s music by the way.

Oops!… I Did It Again (Britney Spears cover / Oops I Did It Again album) 2005
-This cover song shocked many COB fans and this was exactly what the band wanted. Janne got the idea for it when Britney Spears was played in the tourbus and he suggested the others to record a song of her just for fun. Femals vocals performed by Jonna Kosonen. Released on the In Your Face single and on the Japanese edition of Are You Dead Yet?.

Talk Dirty To Me (Poison cover / Look What the Cat Dragged In album) 2005
-Unspectacular cover song which pays tribute to the Poser/Glam Rock bands of the 80s which made Alexi a Metal fan. The solo in this song was played by Roope. Released on the Japanese edition of Are You Dead Yet?.

Ghost Riders In The Sky (Stan Jones cover) 2008
-Pretty suprising choice for a cover song but it works very well. Was released on a lot of Blooddrunk versions.

Lookin’ Out My Back Door (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover / Cosmo’s Factory album) 2008
-Short but good cover with Banjo and a lot of fun. The original song can be heard in the movie The Big Lebowski and since it’s one of Alexi’s and Janne’s favourite movies, this choice doesn’t surprise. Was released on the Blooddrunk single.

Just Dropped In (Kenny Rogers cover / Ten Years Of Gold album) 2008
-Again a song from The Big Lebowski. Alexi recorded the vocals one morning when he had a really hardcore hangover but he did a good job nonetheless. Released on the Japanese version of Blooddrunk and the Hellhounds On My Trail EP.

War Inside My Head (Suicidal Tendencies cover / Join The Army album) 2008

Waiting (King Diamond cover / Graveyard album) **
-The band recorded the song but it was never released, since they weren’t happy with the results.

He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask) (Alice Cooper cover / Constrictor album) 2002 **
-The band recorded the song but it was never released, since they weren’t happy with the results.

Sukset (Popeda cover / Harasoo album) 200? **
-The band recorded this cover of a Finnish Punk band somewhere between 2002 and 2003 but wasn’t sure if it was good enough to be released.

Vitutuksen Multihuipennus (Impaled Nazarene cover / Suomi Finland Perkele album) 1995 or 1996 ***
-As crazy as it sounds, the band played this weird song live in their old days.

Stratosphere (Stratovarius cover / Episode album) 1996 ***
-During their first gigs, the band also used to cover the instrumental Stratosphere.

My Sky Is Darker Than Thine (Sentenced cover / North From Here album) 1997 ***
-In the early days they played a cover from Sentenced on their gigs.

We’re Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister cover) 2001 ***
-Was played live in Finland, Spain and South-America 2001.

* Also performed live.
** Recorded, but never released.
*** Performed ONLY live, never recorded.

Please note that the band NEVER recorded Iron Maiden’s The Trooper or Europe’s Final Countdown.
The versions you might have seen on p2p programs are by Sentenced, Norther or Dispatched.

Q: How to pronounce Bodom?

A: The lake was originally named by the Swedish (“Bodom-träsk”) when they ruled over Finland years ago. The Swedish pronounce Bodom like “Boo-dom” (American pronunciation) and the Finnish way to pronounce it is “bottom” (American pronunciation again). BUT the thing is that since it was named by the Swedish, the somewhat official way to pronounce it here is indeed Boo-dom but some Finns tend to use “bottom” anyway. To hear a robotic pronunciation, go to http://www.mikropuhe.com/demo.asp, write “buudom” (=Boo-dom) or “Bodom” (=bottom) in the empty field and hit “Kuuntele puhe”.

Q: How come there are lyrics for only a few songs in the booklets?

A: Alexi never wanted to concentrate much on writing lyrics and he thinks that some of the lyrics aren’t good enough to be published. However, Alexi wants to print lyrics for a couple of songs to give the fans an idea what the lyrics on each album are about.

Q: Why the band released a Japan only compilation?

A: Keep in mind, that bands never release anything, record labels do. The record deal between Toy’s Factory and COB was about to expire and Toy’s Factory decided to get everything out of the deal they could by putting out a compilation. The band isn’t happy with the songs chosen for it as they didn’t get to decide them.

Q: Are there different booklets of the albums in different releases?

A: They’re mostly the same but there is a big difference in the Spinefarm version and Nuclear Blast version of Something Wild. The booklet of the Spinefarm version is white inside and has a map (more like a simple drawing) of lake Bodom and a different thanks list and member pictures. The Nuclear Blast booklet is red illustrated with the ground of the cover and the hand of the Reaper and a band picture. Both only contain lyrics for Touch Like Angel Of Death.

Q: Does the Reaper have a name?

After many years the band unofficially gave him the name “Roy”. It’s not known why and it’s more or less an inside joke which shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

Q: Where can I find the original Inearthed demo tapes?

A: I’m afraid you need a time machine.

Q: When will Children Of Bodom come to play to [insert your home country here] ?

A: All confirmed dates will be announced on COBHC.com and Scythes Of Bodom.com as soon as they are confirmed.

Q: Why the band doesn’t play [insert your favourite Children Of Bodom track here] live?

A: The band thinks that the new material is generally better than the old material so that’s why they play mostly new songs. However, they do play some of the old classics because they know that that’s what the fans want. Also, they have played the old songs so many times that they’ve got bored with them and want to play the new tracks for a change. Alexi is aware of the fact that many fans want to hear much older stuff – that’s what he also experiences when he goes to see bands – and he tries to fit as much old songs to the setlists as possible.

Q: Why does Alexi wear eyeliner make-up and paint his fingernails?

A: Alexi grew up with glam rock, it’s just his thing! His sister was into bands like Poison, Skid Row and Mötley Crüe, back in 80s everyone wore make-up!

Q: I really need to get in contact with the band members. Can you give me their private e-mail/postal addresses?

A: No.

All information used from scythes of Bodom .Information is for children of bodom fans who would like to know more about the band and is not meant for commercial use.


Unveiling The Mighty Maiden

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1. The Band and their Birthdates

  • Bruce(Bruce Bruce/Air Raid Siren) Dickinson – August 7, 1958, born in Worksop Notts, England.
  • Michael (Nicko) McBrain – June 5, 1954
  • Janick (Jan) Gers – January 27, 1957
  • Adrian (H) Smith – February 27, 1957
  • David Michael (The Blonde Bomber) Murray – December 23, 1956
  • Steve (‘Arry) Harris – March 12, 1956, raised in Leytonstone, England.

2. What Bands were Maiden inspired by?

Wishbone Ash, Montrose, Jethro Tull, Deep Purple, UFO, Rainbow, T. Rex, Free, Black Sabbath, King Crimson, Led Zeppelin, Genesis.

3. Where does the mascot’s name, EDDIE, come from?

The original Eddie was just this theatrical mask. You can kind of see it in the band photos on the first album and on the “Running Free” single picture sleeve. It’s a face right next to the band logo.It was connected to a pump that would spurt out various kinds of liquids and it would drool all over Doug Sampson or Clive Burr or whoever was at the drums that time. People would also try to sling stuff into it. Its full name was “Eddie The Head” (Edward T.H. on the Live After Death cover) and it comes from the following old joke:

Eddie was born with no body and no arms and no legs. Just a head. But despite this slight birth defect his parents loved him very much cared for him and were always giving him all these presents like hats and blow things at parties and other cool stuff. So on his sixteenth birthday they run into a doctor that says “Hey, I can give Eddie a body” so the parents are going totally nuts because finally their kid can have a body and be like other normal people. They go home and are really excited and say “Have we got a surprise for you. It’s the best present ever!” and Eddie says “Oh, no, not another fucking hat!”

They gave the name “Eddie” to that mask. By the time of them being signed to EMI Records, they got Derek Riggs to do cover artwork. The first was the cover to the “Running Free” single, and you see that zombie in the back missing an arm (which somehow is in front of a guy who looks a lot like Bruce Dickinson running away from that zombie). The band liked the zombie guy so much that the name Eddie was transferred over to the zombie when they lost that mask with the pump.

Instrumental Songs:
Transylvania, The Ides Of March, Genghis Khan, and Losfer Words (Big ‘Orra).

  • Steve’s first bass was a copy Fender Telecaster. It cost him 40 pounds.
  • Steve actually studied to be an architectural draftsman for about 5 years or so, and actually received a license.
  • Steve Harris is the band’s main songwriter, having written or co-written approximately 75% of all songs
  • The whole band are huge soccer fans. West Ham (England) is their favorite team, but they used to play often on the road, especially grueling matches with Rainbow and Def Leppard guys. You can also see references to West Ham on the SOMEWHERE IN TIME album cover, and even a reference or two in a few different songs.
  • The show for the Monsters Of Rock Festival, August 22, 1992, was about a 2 hour Maiden gig. On the very last song of the show, “Running Free”, Adrian Smith comes out there to play on it! Bruce said later on that he “didn’t miss a note” and they saw tears in his eyes.
  • The auditions for guitarists in Maiden’s history has differed greatly. When Adrian Smith tried out, all he had to do was apparently play the song “Wrathchild”, down a pint of beer in like 5 seconds, and play soccer halfway decent with the guys. Janick Gers’ audition was more difficult: he had to learn “Iron Maiden”, “Children Of The Damned”, and “The Trooper” in one night! You gotta think though…both of these guys were good friends with the band and had some kind of connections to IRON MAIDEN even before they joined.
  • Bruce Dickinson was required to learn 5 songs for his audition. He apparently also went above and beyond the call of duty and learned like 10 or something.
  • The song “Moonchild” from SEVENTH SON OF A SEVENTH SON was recorded in only 1 take!
  • The Irons is a nickname for West Ham United, a soccer club from London. This is Maiden’s ‘fave’ club. If you have any doubts about it, check out Steve’s bass – it’s got West Ham logo on it. The club uses ‘Up the Irons’ as its ‘motto’ and that is why Maiden uses it as well. Besides they are Irons, too… :-)

Adrian Smith ” Iron Maiden”

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Adrian Frederik “H” Smith (born February 27, 1957 in Hackney, East London, England) is a guitarist and one of three guitarists/songwriters in the heavy metal band Iron Maiden. He also sings backing vocals on some songs, along with Steve Harris.Here is a clip of Adrian Smith on lead vocals singing “Reach out” with Bruce Dickinson on backing vocals.This was on a Maiden B- side songs.


While at school, Adrian befriended Dave Murray and founded his first band Urchin as lead singer and lead guitarist. Adrian had bought his first guitar from Murray, a Woolworths’ Top 20, for five quid. Murray left Urchin to join Iron Maiden, the new band of another local musician, Steve Harris. Smith continued to front Urchin, with limited success, until joining Maiden in late 1980 for the Killers album (released in 1981), replacing Dennis Stratton. Smith first wrote songs for Maiden on the 1982 album The Number of the Beast, and was the band’s secondary songwriter from then on (often in co-operation with Bruce Dickinson). Smith and Dave Murray combined playing dual lead guitars helping to forge the trademark sound of Iron Maiden. Some notable lead duets are “2 Minutes to Midnight”, “Alexander the Great” and “Rime of the Ancient Mariner”. Notable solos include “Wasted Years”, “Stranger in a Strange Land” and “The Wicker Man”.

Adrian’s solos are usually composed rather than improvised. His legato playing is very smooth and fast, and typically even his very fast passages have a musical function and relationship to the chord structure behind the solo, drawing from modes and arpeggios which are more often from blues licks.

Smith released a solo LP with the band ASAP (Adrian Smith And Project) titled Silver and Gold in 1989. Following its release, Smith departed from Iron Maiden in 1990 when recordings for the No Prayer for the Dying album were about to start, and was replaced by Janick Gers. It is widely believed that Adrian left due to his unhappiness with the direction the band was taking: after releasing the experimental Somewhere in Time and Seventh Son of a Seventh Son albums, Steve Harris had decided to take the band back to a more traditional hard rock direction which can clearly be heard on the No Prayer for the Dying album. This album featured one last song co-penned by Adrian with Bruce Dickinson, “Hooks in You”.

Bruce Dickinson‘s comment on Adrian:

“When he left the band in 1990, I think everybody was a bit surprised at how much we missed him and certainly, I don’t think anybody had realized how much the fans would miss him – big time. I wouldn’t have rejoined Iron Maiden if he wasn’t in the band. I just don’t think it would have been complete without Adrian, and now, it’s great having three guitarists.”

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In 1996, Adrian joined forces with former Helloween vocalist, Michael Kiske on Kiske’s solo album Instant Clarity. He plays guitar on a few tracks and co-wrote a few songs.

Later, Adrian formed his alternative rock-influenced band Psycho Motel. This band was a progression from an earlier music project of his, The Untouchables, which had featured some of the members from ASAP and Jamie Stewart. The band recorded two albums, State of Mind (1996) and Welcome to the World (1997). Smith would also play on Bruce Dickinson’s Accident of Birth and The Chemical Wedding albums. The influence of this more progressive direction, as well as Adrian’s heavier rhythm guitar playing, on Iron Maiden’s own performances since he rejoined the band is clear.

On August 22nd 1992 Smith made a brief appearance onstage with Maiden to play “Running Free” during the Donington Festival.

In 1999, Smith re-joined Iron Maiden for the “Ed Hunter tour”, a tour in support of the video game of the same name. Since then, Iron Maiden have released 3 studio albums, Brave New World in 2000, Dance of Death in 2003 and A Matter of Life and Death in 2006. He remains with the band to this day.

In his spare time, Adrian loves fishing, as can be seen on the Rock In Rio DVD.

Adrian has a wife named Nathalie, and three children, son Dylan Smith (born in 1989) and twin daughters Natasha Smith and Brittany Smith (born in 1991).



Smith’s preferred guitar is the Fender Stratocaster, though he has used a variety of others over his career including several different Dean models, a custom built Jackson, Ibanez Destroyer, Gibson Les Pauls, a Gibson Explorer, Gibson SGs and Lado Guitars. On the A Matter of Life and Death DVD he says the first guitar he bought was a Gibson Les Paul Goldtop that cost him £235 when he was 17; he’s still using it, and “it’s still probably the best guitar I’ve got”. He had to work on a building site all summer to pay for it. His current Stratocaster features a DiMarzio Super Distortion humbucker in the bridge position, which is the pickup he uses almost exclusively, and a Floyd Rose locking tremolo system. On the H/S/S strats he has been playing recently he uses the bridge humbucker almost exclusively. Adrian uses gauge 9 strings and has his action set slightly higher than average. Contrary to common belief, Adrian does not use the Seymour Duncan JB Junior pickup, which is favoured by fellow Iron Maiden guitarist Janick Gers. For his solo work with Bruce Dickinson he has used (at least live) a Jackson King V guitar tuned down to D, providing a darker and heavier sound. He has also used this setup on occasion after re-joining Iron Maiden. In the booklet of their album A Matter of Life and Death, Adrian is shown with a custom made two neck Jackson Soloist. Smith used the guitar, a 6/12 string, for the song “Children of the Damned” during Iron Maiden’s 2007 tour. As of August of 2007, Adrian Smith is being endorsed by Jackson guitars, the first time in over fifteen years since he was endorsed by a guitar company.

* A Fender American Stratocaster with a Floyd Rose tremolo system with a backup Fender.
* A Gibson SG with a backup Gibson.
Adrian has around 30 guitars in his collection find more information on “H”s equipment &amps

most of the Information used from Wikipedia

Remembering Cliff Burton of Metallica

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For the Record Cliff Lee Burton was the Bassist of The Legendary Trash metal band from Los Angeles California” Metallica”.

They couldn’t have made it big without Cliff Burton.He is considered by many to be one of the greatest metal bassists of all time.And an inspiration to many a bassists around the world.


Cliff Burton was born in february 10th 1962, to Jan and Ray Burton. He also had two siblings, his brother Scott and an older sister Connie. He grew up and went to highschool and junior college in San Fransisco (Castro Valley), where he also had a job at an equipment rental yard.

Cliff started playing in 1976, and used to jam around with some local friends, when he got together with some guys who called themselves EZ Street, named after a strip joint in San Mateo. They played all kinds of weird stuff and a lot of covers, or as Cliff himself put it “It was pretty silly, actually. We did a lot of covers, just wimpy shit.”. Cliff was with them for a while, for a few years. And that slowly but surely disintegrated. As he graduated from high school in 1980, he saw Trauma and he thought that he might as well do that since he didn’t have anything better to do. Back Then Cliff was the Front Man constantly head banging with his red hair flying.

Metallica got wind of this upcoming bass player during one of Trauma’s gigs in the SF area. Lars and James went to see him and his band, and all of a sudden they hear some crazy guitar solo from the stage from this really red-headed wild guy. As they take a closer look, James is like “Dude, that is a BASS!!”.

Lars Ulrich: He had this stage presence and this visual thing about him that was just incredible.

James Hetfield: You couldn’t tell what he was playing but when you looked at it a little closer it was a bass guitar. He had all these wild noises coming out of it, and his head wouldn’t stop, it was incredible. We pretty much knew he was our kinda guy.

James and Lars agreed that Cliff was the man that they wanted to play the bass for Metallica. Lars started calling Cliff almost after a schedule to plead him to join Metallica. Meanwhile, Trauma was starting to annoy Cliff in a couple of different ways such as getting commercial and changing their musical attitude and direction, so Cliff was about to say ‘Cya’ and to start looking for next project anyway. Cliff wanted to get heavier, so Metallica was an ideal choice at the time. So, after many months of pleading and phone calls Cliff agreed to join Metallica, however on one condition, that they would have to move to San Fransisco Bay area, and luckily Metallica agreed.

Cliff and Metallica released three albums (Kill ‘Em All, Ride The Lightning and Master Of Puppets) and made six major tours.His first gig was on the “Kill em all for one tour” back on march 5th 1983.

Cliff Burton during ozzy tour 1986 : We’re not trying to be something big and fancy, you know, it’s just us doing what we do. Let’s keep it that way.

James Hetfield (on recording and writing Master Of Puppets): Trying to create a little more mood swings into things. Incorporate more acoustic work to, you know, make the heavier stuff heavier, the dynamics and things like that. We started learning harmonies, which Cliff was really good at, he took music theory, he was basically teaching at least myself a lot about harmonies and how they entwine, how they work together.

Cliff Burton (on bass stuff on Master Of Puppets): On this album it’s the intro to a song called “Damage”, done all on bass. It’s about eight or 12 tracks of bass, a lot of harmonies and volume swells and effects and stuff. I would hesitate to call it a bass solo, it’s more just an intro, but it is all bass. There’s also a little bass solo in Orion, it’s right next to a little guitar solo. No one will probably be able to tell that it’s bass, but it is.

On the 26th September 1986, Metallica was headlining with support Anthrax in front of 2700 fans in Solnahallen in Stockholm. This was the first show since James broke his arm in an skateboarding accident earlier in the summer that he was back on guitar. All in the group was in a great mood and they played a really good gig. As John Marshal remembers “They slaughtered”, and as they were having a real good time they added one extra number to the set list – Blitzkrieg, since they just didn’t want to stop playing. Cliff also added a snippet of Star Spangled Banner for his solo that evening, which left the crown cheering even more.

Complete bio can be found here on Wikipedia

Also check out the fan site dedicated to Cliff its called Cliff in our minds

It has everything related to Cliff Burton \m/

Comfortably Numb Pink Floyd

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Comfortably numb is a song by the English Rock Legends Pink Floyd.

Comfortably numb is one of my favourite song ever.Comfortably numb is one of the most famous and recognized songs of Pink Floyd it also features perhaps the greatest guitar solo of all time by the Guitar God, The legendary vocalist and guitarist of Pink Floyd Mr David Gilmour.

do listen to the song and check out the guitar solo and tell me what you guys think of this song..

Song facts and details can be  found here on Song facts

The greatest ever solo check this out..its simply outstanding this is what you call “Eargasm”. If Justin Blabber or Lady Gaga were to hear this.. they  would stop performing..Lol

Fight or Flight: The Dichotomy of Manowar

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Fight or Flight: The Dichotomy of Manowar.

I was browsing for stuff on Manowar and i found this article interesting enough to share with others ..
Review daivined.wordpress.com on alexa.com

Manowar The Warriors of Metal

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Manowar is an American heavy metal band from Auburn, New York, United States, formed in 1980. They are known for writing lyrics with an emphasis on the heavy metal genre itself, fantasy (particularly sword and sorcery) and mythological topics (particularly Norse mythology). Manowar’s sound is loud and bombastic; in an interview for MTV  in February 2007, bassist Joey DeMaio lamented that “these days, there’s a real lack of big, epic metal that is drenched with crushing guitars and choirs and orchestras… so it’s nice to be one of the few bands that’s actually doing that.”[1] In 1984 the band was included in the Guinness Book of World Records for delivering the loudest performance, a record which they have since broken on 2 occasions. They also hold the world record for the longest heavy metal concert after playing for 5 hours and 1 minute in Bulgaria in 2008.

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Although the band has never been a mainstream commercial success in the United States, they maintain a strong cult following there. In contrast, they are extremely popular in the heavy metal scene in Europe, Japan, Australia and South America. Dedicated fans are known and referred to by the band as “Metal Warriors”, “Manowarriors” or “Immortals”, and collectively their fans are known as the “Army of Immortals”. The band has sold over 9 million albums.

The complete bio can be found on Wikipedia here >Manowar<

For the official  site go here www.manowar.com

Here is a link to different Manowar Fan sites

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Review daivined.wordpress.com on alexa.com